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  • NDD May 2015 2015/05/31

    NDD May 2015

    NDD (Ninz Digital Decor), winner of the Design Security & Safety Award and designed in collaboration with MM Design, stands for the "art collection" of Ninz fire rated and metallic doors...

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  • NDD April 2015 2015/04/30

    NDD April 2015

    NDD - Ninz Digital Decor, is a decorative painting for graphical representations executed by a layer of epoxy-polyester powder coating onto the leaf and a high definition digital printing...

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  • NDD March 2015 2015/03/02

    NDD March 2015

    Ninz fire doors are subject to severe fire prevention tests offering all guarantees to the design engineer that he can make use of eligible products, suitable for every type of installation...

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  • NDD February 2015 2015/01/30

    NDD February 2015

    NDD - Ninz Digital Decor is a system for graphical representations realized with a layer of special inks, the protection of the decoration consists of transparent lacquer applied on the door leaf...

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  • NDD December 2014 2015/01/01

    NDD December 2014

    NDD - Ninz Digital Decor is a decorative finish executed on the flat surface of the door leaf. The exclusive NDD system, besides combining style and design with the security of a fire-rated door...

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  • NDD November 2014 2014/12/01

    NDD November 2014

    An advantage of Ninz' fire doors is given by NDD - Ninz Digital Decor, a decorative varnishing system which permits to personalize every Ninz door with flameproof images and designs...

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  • NDD October 2014 2014/11/01

    NDD October 2014

    The personalization of fire and multipurpose doors achieve the maximum expression with our NDD (Ninz Digital Décor) technology, an exclusive varnishing system which allows...

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  • New NDD decorations 2014/10/01

    New NDD decorations

    With NDD (Ninz Digital Decor) is possible to personalize the doors thanks to a new technologic system of decorative varnishing that reproduces every type of image in colour...

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  • NDD July 2014 2014/08/01

    NDD July 2014

    Ninz, which gives great importance to the aesthetics of its products, has created and developed the unique decorative inkjet painting system NDD - Ninz Digital Decor, which allows to reproduce...

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  • NDD June 2014 2014/07/01

    NDD June 2014

    Ninz' fire and multipurpose doors are particularly suitable for public spaces, thanks to the exclusive NDD - Ninz Digital Decor system, allowing to offer doors of every range, customized with any subject...

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  • NDD May 2014 2014/06/04

    NDD May 2014

    Our unique and exclusive decorative procedure, NDD (Ninz Digital Decor) allows the reproduction of subjects of any kind onto fire doors as well as multipurpose doors. This is how...

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