M O R E   T H A N   F I R E D O O R S

Product Range


Fire resistant doors, temperature and / or smoke for interior layout with insulating pack made of mineral wool with different frames and accessories according to the type of use and application.

Multipurpose doors

Doors for internal and external use with environmental characteristics, internal filler made of honey-comb or rockwool available with different accessories and frames.

Fire rated gates

Fire-rated hinged and horizontally, vertically and telescopic sliding gates composed of flush insulated metal planes for internal compartmentation.

Glazed fire-rated doors

Fire-rated glazings in aluminium or steel, doors, fixed glaxings or complex systems composed of weight bearing insulated steel profiles.

Accessories & panic devices

Optional accessories for Ninz doors, such as handles, cylinders, door closers, closing regulators, sealings, roofings, drip steel-profiles, protection plates, screws, sub-frames, access control systems, electromagnets, control units ...

Finishing & NDD

Thermoset powders, anti-scratch, orange-skin and semi-glossy finish, perfect for internal or external use available in a wide range of RAL colors. NDD - Ninz Digital Decor, decorative paiting for grafic illustrations.

Standards and laws

The most important standards and laws of the future European system in the sector of fire-resistant doors and related accessories.

  • Future European System