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Ninz S.p.A. | Corso Trento 2/A | 38061 Ala (TN)
Fiscal Code & VAT Number. IT 01566290225
Disclosure about paragraph no. 13, legislative decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003

The undersigned Karl Ninz, acting in his capacity as chief executive of the NINZ S.P.A., with headquarters in ALA (TN) - Italy, Corso Trento 2/a, pursuant to and for the purposes of par. no. 13 of the Legislative Decree no.196/2003 "Personal Data Protection Code" (Consolidated Privacy code)

  1. that personal and fiscal data acquired directly or by third parties by the company NINZ S.P.A., with headquarters in Corso Trento 2/a, ALA (TN), Italy, VAT nr. IT01566290225, will be processed in paper form, electronically or telematics for contractual and law requirements, statistics and market research, as well as to allow an efficient sales management. In case of incomplete, not mandatory data, the person responsible for the data management of the company after having evaluated on a case by case basis and based on the importance of the requested data will decide in respect to the commercial relationship.
  2. that the personal data will be processed throughout the life of the contractual relations and also later on for the fulfillment of legal obligations and for commercial purposes.
  3. that supplied email addresses can be used by the company regarding:
    • advertising material and commercial proposals
    • communications for sales related issues
    • electronic invoices transmission
  4. that the information asked on the web site www.ninz.it, will be used only to supply the requested service (information request, order of products, etc. )
  5. that your personal data could be send to Italy and/or abroad, only for the above-mentioned purpose and in order to be used for the same reasons, for:
    • our sales network
    • companies and agencies (for example insurance companies and banks) which the object of credit collection and payments or for the emission of guarantees necessary to allow the execution of the contract
    • credit collection companies
    • credit insurance companies
    • credit status information companies
    • professionals and advisors
    • people who are performing activities in strict connection or subject to the organization of the undersigned Company. (such as forwarders/carriers or other supplier of accessorial services)
    • public agencies or authorities which must be informed for fulfillment of legal obligations (For example: revenue service, government or local authorities)
  6. that the interested party could vindicate his rights according the paragraph no. 7 of the legislative decree no. 196/2003 (besides the rights of access, correction, updating, objection raising and cancellation of the personal data if legal reasons subsists)
  7. that the owner and responsible for personal data processing is the company Ninz S.p.A., with headquarters in Ala (TN) Corso Trento 2/A, in the person of Karl Ninz, managing director and acting chief executive "pro tempore" of the company.

Ala (TN), Italy, 2010-01-01
Personal data processing manager and acting chief executive

For further information contact us:
Ninz S.p.A., Corso Trento 2/A, 38061 ALA (TN)
Tel. 0464 / 678300, Fax.0464 / 679025, e-mail: info@ninz.it

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