M O R E   T H A N   F I R E D O O R S

Fire doors PROGET


Classes of fire resistance

  • Single leaf: EI2 60, EI2 120, REI 60, REI 120
  • Double leaf: EI2 60, EI2 90, REI 60, REI 120

Indisputable quality

  • Especially sturdy door for safe functioning over time
  • Ideal for application to uneven or weak walls
  • Fully isolated frame for true dry wall installation
  • Built to order for all kinds of requests
  • Fully galvanized door, including the "hidden" parts
  • Made of hot-galvanized sheet metal, "Sendzimir" processed
  • Corrosion protection also provided along cut edges of the metal sheets
  • Painted with epoxy-polyester thermoset powders in a 180 degrees (Celsius) oven
  • Substantial paint layer (70 microns plus)
  • Optimal corrosion resistance demonstrated by 500 hour salt-fog test
  • Unaffected by severe climate changes, demonstrated by 2000 hours with +60° to -10° cycles at 75% humidity
  • Finishing with high-quality aesthetics
  • Orange skin anti-scratch structured paint
  • Customizable with wide selection of RAL colors

Practicality of use

  • Truly sturdy frame that facilitates anchoring to the wall
  • Suitable for all wall types
  • Different installation methods to choose from
  • Significantly reduced installation times
  • Type approvals for multiple installations to different wall types
  • Ample size range
  • Wide variety of accessories

Conformity to standards

  • In-house Ninz R&D with specialized testing equipment
  • Fire testing in accordance with UNI 9723 and EN 1634-1
  • Mechanical testing for the CE marking of accessories
  • Strict product testing for conformity to declared technical standards
  • Absolute functional certainty over time
  • Doors "type approved" in compliance with M.D. 21 June 2004
  • Products delivered with the documentation required by current regulations

Manufacturing technology

  • Manufacturing in modern and functional facilities which employ the latest technologies to maintain high quality levels and product uniformity
  • The entire production process - from raw materials to painted and packaged products - takes place inside Ninz's own facilities, ensuring a 360 degree door control

Opening direction

Opening direction needs to be indicated while ordering.
One-leaved fire doors PROGET
One-leaved fire doors PROGET
Two-leaved fire doors PROGET
Two-leaved fire doors PROGET
Standard frame, rebate sealing
Standard frame, rebate sealing
Opening direction
Opening direction

Standard elements

Door leaf

  • Made of "Sendzimir" processed hot-galvanized sheet metal, press folded and electro welded
  • Perimetral rebate on 3 sides, flat at the bottom
  • Internally reinforced with hot-galvanized steel profiles
  • Heat-insulated treated mineral wool packing that is rigidly joined to the sheet metal
  • Internal stiffeners for overhead door closer and panic bar

Standard frame

  • Sturdy profile with a sizeable cross section
  • Made of "Sendzimir" processed hot-galvanized sheet metal
  • Equipped with special assembly brackets
  • Grooves for thermo expansive sealing and rebate sealing
  • Standard installation via anchors for mortar fixing
  • Upon request installation via expansion screws or screws onto the subframe
  • Lower spacer, mounting template
  • Rests on finished flooring without rebate
  • Strike plates in black plastic for lock bolt and safety bolts
  • Assembly required for door frames

Thermo expansive sealing

  • Mounted on vertical door frame profiles and central vertical profiles (for two-leaved doors)
  • Mounted above and below the leaves depending on the certification


  • Nr. 2 three-wing hinges for each leaf
  • of which one ball-bearing hinge with screws for vertical adjustment of the leaf, CE marked as per EN 1935, classified for up to 160 kg load, 200.000 cycles durability, suitable for fire door use
  • and one hinge with self-closing spring

Safety bolts

  • Nr. 1 or 2 safety bolts applied on hinge side leaf edge

Locking mechanism

  • Reversible locking mechanism with bolt and central latch for EI2 60, EI2 90 and REI 120 doors
  • Three locking point mechanism for one-leaved EI2 120 doors
  • CE marked in conformity with EN 12209 standard
  • Insert with patent key, Euro profile cylinder ready


  • Fire rated handle in black plastic with steel core
  • Steel installation plate with cylinder hole
  • Cover plate in black plastic
  • Fastener screws and patent key insert

Closing regulator

  • Standard two-leaved doors include an RC/STD closing regulator to ensure the correct closing sequence of the leaves, except those with environmental characteristics for which the RC2 system is mandatory (to be ordered with the door).
  • CE marking in conformity with EN 1158 standard

Locking mechanism for inactive leaf

  • "Flush-bolt" automatic locking of the inactive leaf
  • Lever control for unlocking

Upper coupling system for the inactive leaf

  • Inactive leaf lock activated device which inserts rod into the upper strike box
  • Upper strike box in pierced steel with steel roller

Lower coupling system for the inactive leaf

  • Vertical rod with steel point which inserts into lower strike box
  • Lower floor catch (floor-mounted bushing) made of self-extinguishing black plastic with rebate stopper

Identification plate

  • Metal tag with door identification data, in accordance with current regulations


  • Standard painted with epoxy-polyester thermoset powders in a 180 degrees oven, orange skin, anti-scratch finishing
  • Standard RAL 9010

Standard packaging

  • Single leaf wrapped into stretchable polyethylene (PE) film
  • Single packaging for each door frame with stretchable polyethylene (PE) film
  • Palletized on wooden pallets
3-sided rebated frame
3-sided rebated frame
Brackets and installation with anchors
Brackets and installation with anchors
Profile removable spacer
Profile removable spacer
Ball-bearing hinge, spring hinge
Ball-bearing hinge, spring hinge
Safety bolt, locking mechanism, handle
Safety bolt, locking mechanism, handle
Closing regulator (two-leaved doors only)
Closing regulator (two-leaved doors only)
Flush-bolt, upper device and strike box<br/> for two-leaved doors
Flush-bolt, upper device and strike box
for two-leaved doors
Floor catch, identification plate
Floor catch, identification plate
Packaging on pallets
Packaging on pallets

Optional accessories

Installation onto other wall types

Other types of installation are possible, all of which have been rigorously certified and approved

  • Frame for dry wall installation with expansion screw
  • Frame for dry wall installation with screws onto the subframe
  • Block frame for in the reveal application
  • Embracing frame for lightweight constructions installation

Safety-related needs

  • Doors for panic exits (see panic bars)
  • Doors for emergency exits (see emergency exit handles)
  • Open doors which must be closed in case of fire (see leaf holding systems)

Installation and utilization needs

  • Frame extensions
  • Different kinds of floor mounted catches
  • Roofing and drip steel-profile
  • Special fastener screws
  • Kick and protection plates in stainless steel
  • Rectangular windows, standard dimensions or built to order
  • Round windows
  • One-leaved door with frame on four sides

Access-related control issues

  • Electrically-activated lock mechanisms
  • Electric handle mechanisms
  • Magnetic blocking mechanisms

Performance enhancing

  • Sealing
  • Cylinders
  • Door closers
  • Special closing regulators
  • Special handles

Environmental characteristics

  • Air permeability according to -EN 1026
  • Thermal transmittance to - EN 10077
  • Water-tightness according to - EN 1027
  • Resistance to windload to - EN 12211

Additional characteristics

  • Acoustic permofmance - EN 10140, EN 717, EN 14351-1

Customized finishing

  • Select finishing from a wide variety of RAL colours
  • NDD - Ninz Digital Decor, graphic images applied with special ink jets and protected by a transparent topcoat. Infinite varieties of customizable decorations in harmony with specific door settings
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Colored handles

Packaging for maximum protection

Sturdy wooden crates protect all doors and related accessories:
  • For NDD decorated doors
  • On construction sites
  • During shipping abroad
  • For special transport
Frame for dry wall installation <br/>with expansion screws
Frame for dry wall installation
with expansion screws
Frame for dry wall installation <br/>with screws onto the subframe
Frame for dry wall installation
with screws onto the subframe
Block frame for in the reveal application (tunnel)
Block frame for in the reveal application (tunnel)
Embracing frame for plasterboard walls
Embracing frame for plasterboard walls
Panic bars
Panic bars
Door closer and window
Door closer and window
Painting and Ninz Digital Decor
Painting and Ninz Digital Decor
Packaging in wooden crates
Packaging in wooden crates